In 2000, Respite Care was founded in response to the need for more positive attitudes towards older, ill people and babies through nursing care. Today, we continue to innovate and establish ourselves as a leading thinker on aging, illness people and babies in Bangladesh, challenging key issues to encourage positive change and wellbeing as we get older.
More and more patients need professional medical services and home nursing when they return home after surgery or serious illness. At Respite Care, our professional home care nursing services include a broad range of care and support services for individuals recovering from a hospital stay, the disabled, chronically or terminally ill. Patients who need medical, nursing, social, or therapeutic treatment or help with the essential activities of daily living. Keeping patients at home is an important goal of a home health care nurse. We know patients recover much better, and faster, at home as the risk of infection decreases and chances of readmission to the hospital are also minimized.
Oxygen Cylinder at Home
Elderly Caretaker at Home
Nursing Care at Home
Physio at Home
Nanny and Babysitter at Home
Medical Equipment at Home